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Finding success in the cloud requires a solid network strategy. No matter where you are along your organization’s journey, the right network strategy, the right connection and the right network partner will help you get the most out of the cloud and achieve your business goals.


For today’s enterprises, cloud is a game changer.

With Level 3, strength in the cloud is strength in the network. We help cloud applications excel, so your network and cloud become one, helping you make the most of the cloud’s extraordinary possibilities.

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Where are you on your Journey?

Maybe you are still weighing the benefits of the cloud? Determining which applications will provide the most business value in the cloud? Should you keep it simple with test and development or entrust the cloud with your BCDR operations? You could be deciding between a public, private or hybrid cloud environment? Or, maybe you’ve already made the journey to the cloud, but you’re not getting the performance you expected and you’re spending time managing your own encryption and firewalls? Bottom line, you have to make a lot of decisions on your journey to the cloud and frankly, how you get there can be one of most important decisions of all.

When journeying to the cloud, you want a network partner that can offer the scalability, efficiency and flexibility of the cloud without compromising performance, productivity or revenue.

Your network strategy is important. Moving business-critical applications like development and testing, Big Data analysis, data archival and systems backup to the cloud, require guaranteed throughput, consistent data flow and low latency. That’s precisely where network connection is key.

Level 3 offers a global, high-performance network that can meet your organization’s demands. We hold ourselves to a high level of accountability while guaranteeing top performance levels.

As a neutral advisor that gives you both choice and control, our network provides a seamless, private connection between your private and public cloud environments over pre-established connections with leading service providers.

With Level 3® Cloud Connect Solutions, you get:

  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: Deliver cloud-based mission critical apps quickly and without interruption.

  • GREATER SECURITY: Private connections to CSPs to help minimize threats, portfolio of security services to protect against them.

  • GREATER EFFICIENCY AND FLEXIBILITY: Choose cloud services that meet your needs, scale bandwidth dynamically, pay only for what you use.

  • GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY: Connect offices around the world to local cloud and data center resources.


No matter where you are on your journey, we can help you get there. Level 3 enables secure, high-performance connections to data centers and cloud services worldwide, including private network connections to both Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

  • With Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions and Google Cloud Interconnect, you have enterprise-grade connectivity directly from your offices, data centers and other network resources to the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Microsoft® Azure™ and Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions team to provide a secure, high-performance network for enterprises to stretch their data centers and operate a seamless IT environment.

  • As part of the AWS Partner Network that supports AWS Direct Connect, Level 3 provides network connections to improve enterprise access to AWS’s cloud computing platform and services.